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360 Vision Weston Super Mare CCTV

Case Study

360 Vision Technology

360 Vision Technology is a UK manufacturer of CCTV surveillance camera and control solutions. North Somerset Council instructed 360 Vision in partnership with Vital Trace, to roll-out their innovative TX Direct, wireless PTZ cameras, across Weston-Super-Mare. Deployed across areas popular during hours of night-time economy, but not yet covered by the existing fixed cable CCTV system, they have been installed primarily to protect areas identified where women may be vulnerable when heading home after evenings out.

“With easy deployment in areas where additional coverage is required, and flexible mobile network connectivity combined withvery low operational costs, the TX Direct camera solution has proven to be the perfect, safe and secure way to expand camera surveillance capacity and protect people enjoying their nights out” said Jason Wyatt, 360 Vision Technology’s Business Development Manager involved in the scheme.

Using 4/5G networks for CCTV connectivity has traditionally been limited due to the lack of large data cellular connections with a static IP address, which is required to access and control the camera. With the combination of our IP AiR technology with a fixed IP address, the TX Direct offered a viable alternative, delivering data allowances of 1000Gb and above, allowing cameras to be streamed 24/7 back to a central monitoring location. With minimal installation time and the advantage of seamless integration into Video Management Systems (VMS), rather than via a hosted server or third-party software, the install had no adverse impact on infrastructure. This flexibility meant that camera locations for each of the individual cameras could be prioritised without the constraints of ‘line-of sight’ or problematic cable routing associated with traditional fixed cable dependant camera video transmission methods.

Ray Murphy of installer, Select Electrics commented, “We have deployed 360 Vision cameras across varied applications over many years and we’ve always been delighted with their results and with the inclusion of the Vital Trace IP AiR communications service we can now deploy anywhere without the constraints normally associated with fibre and wireless. The quality of the camera, combined with the advanced TX Direct wireless transmission technology, meant that not only was it the most economical choice, but it was also the best performing solution for the demanding requirements at Weston-Super-Mare.”