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IP AiR Technology

Our adaptable plug-and-play solution provides the ability to stream video in real-time with a static IP address overlay.

A versatile, reliable and powerful innovation that works with any comms transport medium

Vital Trace bring you two cutting-edge solutions, the IP AiR and the IP AiR PWAN. With a streamlined infrastructure that can be used in multiple settings globally and the combination of a minimum of 650 gigabytes to unlimited data with a static IP address and low monthly contracts, the possibilities to improve security are endless. 

Vital trace provide real time CCTV using IP AiR technology overlay, seamless integration into any Video Monitoring System, VMS
Vital Trace provide the ability to steam continuous video in real time for CCTV cameras

Features & Benefits

Real-Time CCTV

Stream continuous video, with seamless integration into any VMS

Static IP Overlay

Works with cellular, wireless, leased line, broadband and satellite

Public or Private

Public or private static IP addresses to suit individual business needs

Secure Data

Full encryption of the data stream to AES 256 standard

Service Reassurance

Dual network variant uses 2 cellular networks – a primary and backup


Our technology solves the historic challenge faced by businesses who need to utilise very large data allowances of cellular (4G/5G) data with a static IP address, for example for use with CCTV cameras and secure transfer of video from the camera to control room. Up until now these types of combined services have typically been financially unviable. It offers bi-directional communication, meaning each camera can have an individual address allowing monitoring centres to manage specific cameras for surveillance of a site.

Public or private static IP addresses can be supplied on one hardware platform, with a fixed price irrespective of preference. With its easy install and ability to seamlessly incorporate into existing systems, the IP AiR has the capacity to benefit a wide variety of businesses. 

IP AiR data sheet


IP AiR Technology Logo
Vital Trace IP AiR Technology Diagram, how it works


For situations where there are potential security concerns and a public fixed IP address is not viable, we offer the IP AiR PWAN, (Private Wide Area Network). This option offers an all encompassing secure private network for clients with multiple locations locally or globally that want the ability to offer unrestricted data usage across multiple communication transport mediums, safe in the knowledge that all data is enclosed with their own private network and fully encrypted.

Both these cost effective solutions are simple to execute and with the capability of being controlled from anywhere due to the 4G/5G connectivity they understandably appeal to not only the security sector but a diversity of vertical markets.

IP AiR PWAN data sheet


IP AiR Technology Logo
Vital Trace IP AiR PWAN Technology Diagram, how it works

Implementing the Vital Trace IP AiR solution into our CCTV system has given us for the first time the ability to stream CCTV in real time with a direct interface into our current VMS. This has allowed us to dramatically reduce the costs with the installation and annual revenue associated with leased fibre and to deploy new cameras into areas that previously were deemed economically unviable.

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