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Cellular Data Solutions

Recognising the ever increasing demand for flexible and big data cellular services, Vital Trace offer a wide range of mobile data services.

Flexible and resilient SIM data services to suit any application

Historically SIM services have been limited in their scope and carried costly monthly revenue expenditure. Our Multinet and Enterprise SIM’s offer our customers two service level choices that fulfill the requirement of a variety of business and mission critical applications.

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Cellular 5G Mast

For your small data business needs

Multinet SIM

Low Cost Ownership

No more paying for tariffs you may never fully use – saving you money

Live SIM’s

Ability to keep SIMS live whist inactive for long periods of time

Cost Effective

Better than data bundling where excessive coverage costs can be incurred

Network Blocking

Ability to restrict access to certain networks, specially in-country networks

Multi Networks

Giving better coverage than domestic single network solutions

Multinet SIM’s offer a robust M2M service platform with coverage on a country-by-country basis, regional or global. Available as standard or with public / private fixed IP addresses, Vital Trace offer flexible contract terms – from 30 days with full technical support. With installation and setup assistance through online portal access, Multinet SIM’s provide a simple and secure solution for your small data business needs.

Multinet data sheet

For your large data business needs

Enterprise SIM

Large Data

Data services from 6 Gbytes to 1 Tbyte, providing large scale cover

Multiple Carriers

Supporting multiple UK carriers with multi network EU coverage

Public or Private

Available on all tariffs, we offer public and private static IP addressing

Flexible Contracts

We offer 30 day to multi-year contracts to suit your business requirements

Rapid Deployment

Fast dispatch to ensure you’re up and running quickly and efficiently

Enterprise SIM’s offer a comprehensive and resilient, large data service package for applications that require data up to 1Tbyte. With flexible contract terms and full technical assistance, Vital Trace provide a fully supported solution through an online management portal. Enterprise SIM’s have a global footprint with advanced capabilities, designed for IoT big data applications.

Enterprise data sheet

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