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IP AiR Asset Tagging

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Protect your assets around the world with our resilient, flexible and scalable IP AiR asset tag

Our range of IP AiR asset tags are self-contained, self-powered asset management and location tools used to monitor physical assets on a global basis. Utilising a combination of GPS and multiple location based services to identify the location of your valuable assets, they offer full visibility and control of your assets. Whilst typical markets that benefit from tagging are the likes of lease vehicles or freight containers, our tags are suitable for a wide range of applications. 

For example, the monitoring of industrial steel waste containers (which are liable to theft for scrap value), pinpointing the location of valuable stock pallets in transit/warehousing or beer kegs, as well as expensive plant such as generators, tractors etc and short-term contract rapid deploy CCTV towers, so that clients know where all their deployed assets are located. 

Vital Trace protect your assets around the world with our resilient, flexible and scalable IP AiR asset tag
Vital Trace help recover expensive assets using IP AiR asset tag
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Asset Management Portal

Mobile Optimised​

Fully responsive for mobile use allowing easy and fast monitoring

Intuitive Usability​

Simple to use, self-service management portal offering full visibility

Single or Multi-User​

The portal allows multiple users to login ensuring total control and flexibility

Real-Time Monitoring

Web-based tagging allowing live surveillance anytime on any platform

Alert Notifications​

Receive mail alerts, anchor information and tagging reports

Our IP AiR asset tag range provide web-based tagging anytime, allowing live surveillance on multiple viewing platforms. A scalable, protection and monitoring of assets that’s easy to use and set up with a self-managed portal offering customers complete control and reassurance.

Fully responsive for convenient mobile viewing, our portal is simple to use and provides access to history logs, alerts and reports.  


IP AiR Standard Asset Tag

A 2G compact GPS asset tag for easy, concealable installation. Low cost with a built-in GPS/GSM antenna and low data consumption. Ideally suitable for the asset tagging market. 

IP AiR Waterproof Asset Tag

A 2G / LTE GPS asset tag with a built-in motion sensor, temperature sensor and light sensor. Ideally suitable for the asset tagging market where a waterproof tag is required.

IP AiR Container Asset Tag

A 2G / LTE GPS asset tag which is specially designed for containers and other types of assets. Designed to be the same shape as the air vent on a container.

View our IP AiR Asset Tag data sheet to see our full range and product specifications.