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With our multi-industry sector expertise, Vital Trace work across all market segments to deliver seamless, cost-effective device connectivity in an easily accessible, simplified way. 


Cellular based technologies, the types of use and the applications we get involved with are evolving every day. Our solutions can be used in any sector – featured below are the sectors we most commonly work in.

Local Authorities

The Vital Trace range of services have allowed local authorities to further enhance their public space security requirements by providing a capital cost effective alternative to traditional leased fibre and fixed wireless access networks that are primarily used for the transmission of CCTV imagery and data connection. Our innovative IP AiR overlay solution allows local authorities to deploy at short notice, with the ability to move equipment around and make significant savings associated with ongoing revenue costs. 

Vital Trace work with the local authorities sector to provide CCTV cameras with IP AiR technology


A key area of concern for any construction site is securing expensive assets and materials from loss or theft. Historically this has been covered by manned patrols, however this isn’t ideal as it doesn’t provide constant security presence. Our IP AiR solution over 4/5G allows for secure, encrypted static IP address solutions to be deployed at short notice seamlessly integrating to onsite security systems, which are monitored either by the client or 3rd party alarm response centre (ARC), with unrestricted data to give true high definition imagery 24/7.

Vital Trace work with the construction sector to provide IP AiR technology to secure sites and assets


The Vital Trace IP AiR asset tag has given the ability for organisations with expensive assets in various geographical areas to keep an up-to-date location inventory at a very low cost. Our self-powered management and monitoring service works globally at a flat rate. It is extensively used for example by organisations that lease out equipment so that in the event of a payment default the leased equipment can be re-possessed. In the last 2 years alone, Vital Trace have successfully recovered over £10 million worth of assets using our IP AiR asset tagging service.

Vital Trace work with the logistics sector to provide IP AiR tagging to monitor and secure assets

CCTV & Security Integrators

The IP AiR service has allowed CCTV/security integrators to offer a new cost effective communications to their customer, who have traditionally had to rely on leased fibre, broadband and wireless for connectivity. Combined with a static IP address, full encryption and the ability to deploy at short notice on any cellular network with data usage requirements from 1Mbyte to unlimited the IP AiR is ideally suited for CCTV installations (permanent or re-deployable), either on constant stream or even led, Access control, ANPR or any remote location that requires a secure IP data connection.

Vital Trace work with the CCTV and security integrators sector

Police & Military

Network security has always been the cornerstone of any police/military comms infrastructure and has historically been delivered by fibre optics, microwave and satellite transmission. 4/5G can be used, however it is paramount that all data that requires a static IP address is encrypted, secure and locked completely into a private network that is not visible to the outside world. Our IP AiR PWAN solution has revolutionised the market by offering static IP addressed, private encrypted networks over 4/5G with a blend of other transport mediums (e.g. broadband, Starling satellite etc) with unlimited data at a lower cost than other solutions which typically restrict/throttle 4/5G data usage.

Vital Trace work with the police and military sectors to provide secure encrypted data

Transport & Highways

Providing security and surveillance on major highways when extensive roadworks are in place has always been an issue. Highway reconstruction tends to invariably involve miles of rework and the health and safety of both workforce and road users is paramount. Vital Trace have partnered with organisations who provide state of the art solar CCTV/communications solutions that can be deployed quickly and at short notice. The Vital Trace IP AiR solution, with its cellular network agnostic characteristics, allows customers to now stream back HD video in real time 24/7 from any location where there is a cellular service from any network carrier.

Vital Trace work with the transport and highways sector to provide IP AiR technology CCTV

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