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Our Success Stories​

Connecting IoT applications across a wide range of sectors to create a smarter, more connected world.

Vital Trace were approached to provide access to security systems within private residential blocks in London via a cellular connection.
Asset Watch, a specialist security integrator, asked Vital Trace to assist in a requirement where a static IP Address data connection was required.
Vital Trace were approached to provide a system with a reliable connection, encryption, static IP addressing and unlimited data.
Star had a requirement for cellular based comms systems which needed to be encrypted but with added requirement of static IP addressing.
Vital Trace assist V-Ceptor in a solution that would provide a cost-effective system that allows static IP addressing across the Starlink platform.
Vital Trace provide DSSL Group a solution to enable them to offer real time HD video streaming over 4/5G networks with static IP address.
OpenView approached Vital Trace to assist with a requirement to provide 4/5G cellular services for the transmission of CCTV solutions to their clients.
Supporting TIS, Vital Trace set up a new IP-based infrastructure with minimal hardware, integrating the cameras seamlessly into an existing VMS.
Vital Trace provide IP AiR technology to give Sunstone the ability to stream video 24/7 in remote locations where hardwiring is impossible.
Vital Trace supply 4G network connectivity to a range of specialist hardware products, offering OutdoorRouter customers the best coverage.
A collaboration to deploy CCTV across Weston-Super-Mare without the constraints normally associated with fibre and wireless.
Vital Trace were asked to assist in the recovery of assets requiring repossession or location due to client payment default or theft.

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