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CCTV Camera

Case Study

DSSL Group

Vital Trace were approached by DSSL Group to work in collaboration to provide a solution that would enable them to offer real time video streaming at high definition over 4/5G networks but with a static IP address to their extensive portfolio of clients.

The systems needed to be flexible and work with any IP based CCTV cameras. Dependent upon the specific customer requirements and be able to operate on any of the major UK networks to offer optimum network coverage, irrespective of where the equipment was deployed.

Vital Trace provided the IP AiR solution which gives a fully encrypted data path with static IP address and was embedded into the 4/5G router therefore reducing hardware requirements and points of failure.

Aaron Stephens of DSSL group commented, “By using the Vital Trace IP AiR solution, we are now able to give our clients a rapid deployment system on the camera of their choice in most locations. The cost savings and lead times compared to traditional leased circuit options were dramatic and allows our clients to now deploy into areas which were previously cost prohibitive due to expensive fibre installs and high ongoing rental charges. The system also allows for cameras to be moved around and relocated at minimal cost to the client”.