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OpenView CCTV monitoring control centre


OpenView Group, one of the largest CCTV and security integrators in the UK, approached Vital Trace to assist with their requirement to provide 4/5G cellular services for the transmission of CCTV solutions to their various clients, primarily London Boroughs.  Originally OpenView had historical pooled data arrangements with a different supplier which, whilst a viable option a few years ago, was now no longer fit for purpose due to the increased data demands where the data pool would be breached and resulted in unforeseen data overage bills.

David Hall of OpenView Group commented “Working with Vital Trace has allowed us to now offer a solution to our customers which ensures that we can stream CCTV cameras 24/7 at a standard annual fixed cost. This allows our clients to set annual budgets safe in the knowledge that no unforeseen data charges will apply which would mean diverting essential funds from other projects.”