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CCTV cameras

Case Study

Total Integrated Solutions

A long-standing customer, Total Integrated Solutions (TIS) recently approached Vital Trace to support with a project for one of their key clients. 

Challenged with obsolescence, they were required to replace legacy CCTV cameras connected on wireless transmission systems or analogue leased lines, to a new IP-based infrastructure.

Whilst a full upgrade to leased IP circuits was achievable, the client was looking for best value in terms of quality and price. Vital Trace were able to supply equipment on an approval basis, an IP AiR static IP address package which allows real time streaming in HD over the 4G / 5G networks; a quality solution which also met their budget. 

Upon successful trial the solution was delivered across the clients assets. The carrier agnostic characteristics of the IP AiR solution meant that specific network providers could be combined at a cost to ensure that also ensured the best network is provided, dependent upon coverage in a specific area. 

Nick Hollins, Account Manager  at TIS commented. “By working with Vital Trace and providing the IP AiR solution we have been able meet our customers’ expectations with minimal hardware, reducing installation costs; seamlessly and effortless integrating all new cameras directly into the existing VMS.”