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Case Study


V-Ceptor (www.v-ceptor.com) are a specialist manufacturer of security towers and advanced mobile security solutions, V-Ceptor approached Vital Trace to assist in the provision of a solution that would allow for a cost-effective system that would also allow static IP addressing across the Starlink platform. 

There were two different requirements, the first being an encrypted fixed IP address for a Starlink system to allow for the deployment of and control of CCTV cameras, and secondly to provide a fixed IP address for a second Starlink system but with seamless failover onto the 4/5G networks using the same fixed IP address.

The proposed solution was based around the Vital Trace IP AiR platform, which not only allowed for unlimited data connectivity (subject to Starlink fair usage policy) with 256 bit encryption and a fixed IP address but also unlimited fixed IP data over the 4/5G network, so in the event of a primary connection failure the client would see no restrictions on data throughput, or experience any excessive data bills that can be associated out of bundle data usage.

Cameron Taylor of V-Ceptor commented, “we have been working with Vital Trace for quite a while now and they have always been dynamic and receptive to our needs, providing advice and solutions in quick time and greatly assisted us in our Starlink needs which has always previously been an issue for us”.