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BT analogue transmission fibre circuits

NEWS: July 20, 2023

Low cost options for secure CCTV 

Now is the time to look into low cost alternatives for secure CCTV transmission – here’s why. 

With the news that BT are soon discontinuing two of their analogue transmission fibre circuits, Vital Trace, has some advice on finding a cost-effective alternative. 

BT recently announced to customers that they will be discontinuing their RS1000 and RS1000D analogue transmission fibre circuits, and while this likely hasn’t come as a surprise to many of those in the industry, the decision will have some ripple effects. These CCTV transmission circuits form part of the UK’s vital surveillance network, and so availability of a reliable, cost-efficient alternative is vital. 

BT’s announcement states that as of August 2023 Openreach will retire the ability for BT to deliver the RS1000 and RS1000D CCTV products (their analogue transmission fibre circuits). They note that the on-going review has caused delivery delays and a backlog of work in progressing orders, however they will be taking new orders for RS1000 and RS1000D up until 13th August 2023, with a maximum contract of 12 months. This decision will impact upgrades and pricing, however at time of writing BT have provided no alternative options. 

There is also a bigger picture to consider here – the 2025 shut down of copper services announced by BT in 2017, and from September 2023, BT will stop selling new contracts for leased lines. 

Shaune Pates, Sales Director at Vital Trace, commented, “with no alternatives currently being offered, what should customers do? I suggest that now is the perfect opportunity to find a better deal for a low cost alternative for secure CCTV transmission with the benefits of flexible contract terms, seamless integration into any VMS and the ability to move cameras at no cost, which is non-viable with fixed line solutions.” 

“The good news is that effective alternatives do exist, for example the Vital Trace AiR Static IP Addressing service, which offers both public and private IP 256 bit encrypted options. This technology allows for continuous, real time HD video streaming over 4/5G across all four UK networks. Seamlessly integrated into any installed VMS, IP AiR Technology provides an adaptable plug-and-play solution. With fibre-like speeds, customers can rest-assured they have a reliable, efficient solution keeping their secure CCTV transmission running smoothly”. 

The IP AiR service is already proven, with over 1000 current connections and extensive usage in the public space sector, and better yet is a quarter of the cost of current CCTV circuit pricing. 

Vital Trace recommends customers affected by BT’s announcement to take this opportunity to look into alternatives, such as the AiR Static IP Addressing Service, and save a potentially significant amount of money on their CCTV connectivity requirements.