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Vital Trace new logo, brand refresh news article

NEWS: February 10, 2023

Vital Trace brand refresh

Since the launch of Vital Trace in 2008 we have had the same logo which is influenced by our connectivity and services that interlink. In-line with our business growth and our continued endeavour for excellence, we have updated our brand to reflect this. As an established company, we wanted to retain existing features recognised by our current customers, but also push and develop the brand further. By rotating the connectivity graphic and incorporating the Vital ‘V’,  we have a marque that is strong and versatile. Shaune Pates, Sales Director for Vital Trace commented, “With the exponential growth of the company over the last few years we felt that it was time to refresh our brand with a new look to reflect what the business has evolved into and a new image that will grow with us as we move forward.”